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VisUAL2 - A User-friendly Educational Assembler and Simulator for ARM UAL.

VisUAL2 is a cross-platform tool that makes it very easy for beginners to write small and medium-sized ARM assembler programs, with no manual and intuitive visual debugging. Even those very familiar with ARM assembler have found VisUAL2 useful for quick writing and debugging. The IDE has helpful error messages and an ergononic GUI that makes debugging visually intuitive.

VisUAL2 is a re-engineered and improved version of the original VisUAL created in 2014. Both VisUAL2 and VisUAL are written by Imperial College students.

Getting Started as a Developer

See the README For the repo containing all source code and developer’s documentation. Visual2 development is currently restricted to Imperial College students and will be run as an open-source project shortly.

Getting Started as a User

See the UAL Guide for a top-down guide to ARM assembly language supported by VisUAL2

VisUAL2 can be downloaded as portable Windows, OS-X and linux binaries, or can be recompiled from source.

VisuAL is designed to be self-documenting: no manual needed. Try it and see!

Documentation for testbench files

Visual2 has a simple testbench feature that allows automated testing and/or manual testing with inputs specified by a file. Documented here .